WebTS takes the web interface now available on Windows Server 2008 to the next level. Once users logon to WebTS, a web page, showing only the applications that particular user has access to is shown. And with a SQL based backend, it supports hundreds of Terminal Services and multiple web-based front ends.

Future releases will support:

- Two factor authentication (i.e. RSA SecurID).
- Windows Server 2008 TS Gateway.

Again, this is what web portal on Server 2008 should have been since day one!

Note: Windows Server 2003 and even Windows 2000 are also supported.

Price List

Please note these are MSRP prices. In some countries these prices may be different due to import and/or local taxes. Also, if there is a reseller in your country, all purchases must be made through it.


One server license. Includes one year upgrade subscription.

US$ 449.00

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