Terminal Services A to Z guide is available for download. This guide, written by Cláudio Rodrigues (WTSLabs CEO, Microsoft MVP for Terminal Services), will teach you, step-by-step, how to deploy a TS environment from scratch. How to install TS, how to configure it and even how to create policies to lock it down are all there! A must read for anyone starting with TS or willing to learn more about such great technology. You can get it here (free!).

WebTS is finally here! If you ever tried the Windows Server 2008 TS Web, you probably know about all its shortcomings: no way to publish different applications per group/users, no way to publish certain applications from a pool of servers and another set of applications from another pool and so on. The good news? Your wait is over. WebTS is THE Web Interface for Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It supports everything Microsoft never implemented on TS Web and can load balance as many TSs as you want, all using a single WebTS license. When used with AppTS on Windows Server 2003, seamless windows will be there as well (this is a native feature of Windows Server 2008). Make sure you try WebTS. You will be impressed.

AudioTS final tests! AudioTS, our latest product has reached its final tests stage. If you do not know what AudioTS is, it is the first stand alone module that brings two way audio for Terminal Services over RDP. If you have a 2003/2008 TS environment and all you need is two way audio (so your microphone works over terminal services for applications like Skype, Dictation software, etc) you do not need to buy Citrix or Provision Networks just for that anymore. AudioTS will be licensed on a per server basis, regardless of how many users you have and as usual, volume discounts will be available.

WTSLabs Inc. is now up. WTSLabs, a new software development company focused on Terminal Services add-ons is the latest player in this fast growing and exciting market. Founded by Cláudio Rodrigues after his successful ventures with Terminal-Services.NET and TSFactory, WTSLabs is here to stay! Keep an eye on our website for the full line of products that will be available very soon!

RDP Client for Java: JavaTS is coming. When used with our WebTS, companies will be able to provide access to terminal servers and individual applications using a clientless solution (JVM required). As it will be sold as a standalone product, companies will get exactly what they want at a very affordable price. WTSLabs is committed to sell what you need and not what we think you need like most companies in the terminal services arena!


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