Here you have some useful files and articles to help you deploying, troubleshooting and understanding Terminal Services. If you are looking for our product downloads just click here.


Terminal Services and the Printing Redirection Process: this article describes how printing works under Terminal Services and what you can do to make sure most printers will work under a Terminal Services session. Download.

Custom Remote Desktop Connection Client Technology Overview: this articles describes why customizing the Remote Desktop Connection client may improve security on your Terminal Services connections. Download.

Terminal Services from A to Z: this guide explains everything you need to know about TS. What it is, how it works, how to install it and so on. It goes through all the basics, from installing the server to creating policies to lock it down. A must read for everyone willing to learn more about terminal services. And the best part? Completely free. Download.




Terminal Server Printer Driver Redirection Wizard: this tool scans your event logs for printers that could not be mapped under terminal services sessions and helps you creating an alternative .INF file to make sure the next time your users logon, these printers get mapped. Download.

LPT1 Printing under DOS: this script will automatically share/map the autocreated default printer under a TS session to the LPT1 port so DOS applications can seamlessly print to these printers. Requires KIX32.exe that you can download at



Useful Files

DOS Fonts: these fonts give you a full screen look and feel for your DOS applications running in a terminal services session. Download.

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