WTSLabs Inc. was founded in 2008 by Cláudio Rodrigues, after his successful ventures with Terminal-Services.NET* (the original developers of tools like WTSGateway Pro and WTSPortal, now under the 2X brand) and TSFactory (the first company to ever develop an ICA/RDP Session Recorder). At WTSLabs we kept the same but simple goals in mind: to create simple, effective and inexpensive tools to enhance Terminal Services and to provide specialized consulting services focused on Server Based Computing products and related technologies.

*Terminal-Services.NET, copyright 2X Software Ltd.

Our Mission

At WTSLabs Inc., we are committed to providing strategic, well-suited server based computing solutions to our Small and Medium Business or Departmental clients. By offering specialized consulting services and products, we are focused on becoming your preferred one-stop shop for all you terminal services needs.

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